:: Theo Bleckmann
I dwell in possibility

Theo Bleckmann [voice]
Winter & Winter 910 147-2 [1 CD]


In the planning stages of Theo Bleckmann’s first solo CD for Winter & Winter, long before the actual recording, it became apparent that the choice of space would be extremely important and the desire emerged to not use any electronic devices for reverb, echo or rooms effects. A space had to be found that would allow for the greatest acoustic development possible, a space that, depending on position of microphones, would offer different sound characteristics such as chamber music-like qualities, as in the Villa Medici-Giulini in Brianza, Italy, but also offer long church reverb or repetitious echo effects as well as a beautiful acoustic comparable to that of the "Musikverein" in Vienna. The natural acoustics at the remote monastery Beinwil in Switzerland proved to be the ideal duet partner for Bleckmann’s solos with its many facets of echoes and reverbs. Here, everything was recorded live and without later studio processing or sound manipulation, including a few vocal overdubs.
Producer Stefan Winter was inspired by Lars von Trier's "Dogma 95" and followed the rules of "Dogma 95" for the music production »I Dwell in Possibility«, but the "vow of chastitity" was not interpreted as a fundamental law, more as an instruction to produce new sound and listening experiences.
Inspired by the Arte Povera, the Italian art movement of the 60’s that created installations with the simplest and "poorest" materials, Bleckmann creates with humble means and, very much like the church itself, has the devotion and quiet of a prayer. Besides his voice and a myriad of acoustics, Bleckmann has chosen some unlikely companions for his solos: music boxes, megaphones, autoharp, glasses, water, shruti and various toys that occasionally accompany him.