:: refuge trio
Theo Bleckmann
[voice, live electronic processing]
Gary Versace
[piano, accordion, keyboards]
John Hollenbeck
[drums, percussion, crotales, vibraphone, glockenspiel]

Winter & Winter 910 149-2 [1 CD]


1. Refuge Of The Roads [Joni Mitchell]
2. To What Shall I Compare This Life [Priest Monsei, Theo Bleckmann]
3. Pinwheel [Gary Versace]
4. Rural Bliss [John Hollenbeck]
5. Edges [Gary Versace]
6. Bright Moon [Masahide, John Hollenbeck]
7. Peace [Ornette Coleman]
8. Misterioso [Thelonious Monk]
9. Child's Play [Gary Versace]
10. Yang Peiyi [John Hollenbeck]
11. Hymn [Gary Versace]
12. Happiness [Theo Bleckmann]
13. All Our Yesterdays [Allan Holdsworth]

total time: 58:42